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Spare Wheel Lake...

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hmmm, iv searched around on this one and found differing answers, anyone have tred and tested fixes??

Basically my spare wheel well is becoming a lake. Yes, a lake. Somewhere, somehow water is getting in. At first I thought it was because I had a tiny hole on the bottom of my spare wheel well and so promptly sealed it up. This only allowed the water to gather and become deeper so I undid the seal.

Ive checked all round the boot seal and can't seem to see any obvious pplaces water is getting in. Im convinced its not the sunroof drains as the water seems to be covering the tyre towards the back of the car, not much condensation is at the front. I did spot a tiny wet patch near the tailgate plastic flap cover thing and wondered whether water could be coming in there.

Anyone have any idea's on this please??


-Will :)
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yep maybe had the same problem with my p38 and it was the drains for the sunroof it is easy to find out if iam right you will have to take the two small parsel shelfs off and the panels underneath them where the back of rear seat locks into the clasps in the parsel shelfs,right close to the clasps there is a join in the sunroof drain pipe and mine had fell apart as they are only pushed into each other ,what happens is when the pipes fall apart the water runs under the carpet and straight into the spare wheel hole will take you one hour max good luck :dance:
ah, interesting. some reason this didn't come up when I searched. Will check the sunroof drains again and then think about getting a new seal. Am determined to sort this out!

-Will :)
wills said:
...and then think about getting a new seal. Am determined to sort this out!

-Will :)
Unless your seal is pitted and trashed it most likely is just fine. One thing usually not mentioned in the Rubber Lake threads is the adjustment of your upper and lower tailgates. Proper adjustment/alignment of my lower gate did wonders for draining my lake. A slight adjustment in closer alignment of the upper gate pretty much drained the swamp. I have worked on a couple Rangies where bending the lip outwards to tighten the seal did the trick.
hmmm, this is why I felt I had to post as there seem so many differing ideas on this one.

I have checked the seal (the visible part) all around and it appears completely fine. No pitting, degradation or nicks so this is why I thought the seal was ok. I pulled the seal away towards the lower RH side and the part that mates to the vehicle seemed fine, there was quite a bit of dirt and grime round the lower part near the flappy thing that covers the tailgate part but nothing that seemed excessive. I shall give that a clean tomorrow (assuming it's not raining). I am wary of pulling the seal off and putting it back on too many times, I don't want to widen the seal too much - is that even possible?!

I think I shall follow the advice in the TSB to silicone seal the lower tailgate bolts as well so this will be added to the list of things to do.

As for tailgate adjustment, just checked RAVE. According to RAVE you just need to adjust until everything fits and shuts as it should. My P38 does this already, as far as I can see everything looks original with nothing having ever been removed. Any tips on how to adjust the tailgate??

-Wills :)
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Mine did it last year.
After following everything I could find regards the leaking spot, and finding nothing visible anywhere, I just let it drain out. Think there was a bung in a hole that I pulled and let unplugged. Been bone dry ever since.
I know, probably lazy etc, but some things just aren't worth hours on end of my time to figure out, when just letting the water out works so good :lol: it is garaged every night, so I am not too worried about it to be honest, and it has been bone dry ever since.

Don't think I would be too bothered either if I could garage mine every night but unfortunately the garage is full of rubbish at the moment and even then I don't think I can fit the P38 in! Maybe I should fix the leaking tailgate by cleaning out the garage - it's certainly a new suggestion :think: :roll: :D

-Will :)
Hey Wills - Long time... :thumb:

Have you checked the non return valves and piping for the rear washer jet?
I think I shall follow the advice in the TSB to silicone seal the lower tailgate bolts....
that particular TSB from a week ago... viewtopic.php?f=3&t=35085&p=271937&hilit=spare+tire#p271937 also recommends making a couple of cuts in the seal... :think: have you tried that as well?

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