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I used to own a '91 EFI but the family got in the way and it had to go.
Last year I bought a P38 largely because it had a Turner 4.6 in it. I decided it wasn't worth restoring so went on the hunt for one with a blown engine. i eventually settled on one locally which was very smart inside and out but had a misfire. I took a punt knowing i had an engine to go in eventually, but....
The misfire was a dead plug but it overheated within a few miles and the usual cures didn't work and the problem is a cracked liner which I will replace eventually but for now I'm fitting the Turner engineered lump which I always intended to do but would have liked to get to summer. The Turner engine is out and in the garage, but I've yet to get the other car here as it failed near to my brothers house and it was easier to leave it there.
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