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Some questions about the new love of my life....

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So, in a fit of madness, I decided that my very first car should be a black 2001 P38. The car itself seems sound, it hasn't dropped lost any coolant at all in a week of stop / start driving, the EAS works fine...even the sat nav worked after ejecting / reinserting the CD..... however, I think someone has been tinkering with the audio.

There's no CD changer at all, which I'm not particularly bothered about. The subwoofer doesn't work, and the cable to the sub has another 3 wire cable coming off it marked 'phone: + / - / mute'. I assume this isn't standard as a) I can't find any reference to it by googling and b) it's got loads of electrical tape wrapped round it. Near the rearview mirror there's what looks like a small mic so I assume at some point this has had some sort of phone connection kit in it. Oh, also, behind the panel in the boot, near the sub there's a small blue box that looks suspiciously new.....I have no idea what this is. I'll see if I can grab a picture tomorrow.

Anyway, onto my question..... what's the best way to go about figuring out why the sub isn't doing anything? One of the cones has perished, so I know I need to replace the speakers anyway, but before I fork out for some new ones I'd like to know why nothing at all is coming out of it.

Sorry for the rambling, the multitude of wires in the boot has me intrigued!
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Welcome to the Range Rover life!
Get the applicable RAVE manual from here and it will tell you what you should have and how to go about fixing what needs it.
The cd changer should be under the sub, the sub on later hi line systems had an amp inside the sub box, the small blue box could be an aerial box or similar, most p38s had a phone system, remember there were a luxury car when new.
you say the sat nav works,, is there volume ? There’s a nice very expensive dsp amp hidden behind the sub and insulation, tucked away in the rear wing.
as suggested, download rave, that will help you with many things, otherwise use the search feature of this site to pull up older posts, might help you a lot, as for the ove of your life, when she’s running right your love her, but get ready for the odd argument,
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