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Range Rover p38 4.6 V8 1996
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Hello everyone! I am not very expert so I was looking for some help here. I bought for a ridiculous price a beautiful 1996 Range Rover P38 4.6 V8, that didn’t run for some time, knowing that there would have been some things to fix. They already changed rocker gasket before selling, because when I went to see it the first time before, we noted leaking and wet there.
On the way back after buying, car went over heating and I stopped immediately. Water tank nearly empty, water spried on engine. We found that one hose of the cooling system, one going to the cooling water thank (first pic) started leaking, mechanic came and replaced it. After 50km again at around 110 km/h the same, but was another hose going to the water tank. And above all, much more water under the car (the transmission was clearly wet too) and tank empty (maybe thermostat or water pump?). That’s why I’d like your opinion on what could be the causes. Thank you very much!
Unfortunately after went dark and I couldn’t make other pics..
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