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Hi Guys,

I know I'm always asking for sizes, wish I wasn't as that would mean I would be with the rangie rather than in another country. The sizes I'm looking for this time, are the width of the interior roof light, the width of the rear view mirror and the distance between them. If possible, the angle as well. I've had an idea for doing a roof console as I don't want to put any holes in my dash and I would like to regain my central air vents after this summer's driving. (All you guys who said that you wouldn't want to do my carpc screen install, were right) I don't think the fact that my AC isn't 100% helps (must remove that spacer). If the sizes could be in mm that would be ideal :? I'll post pics of the design once it is done. I'll probably end up making it out of fibre glass. I'm going to be trying to fit the touch screen, a pressure gauge for the EAS and some switches in there. I think that I can do it but without proper dimms I don't want to rely on my memory 100% as I'm reasonably sure that there is less space there than I remember.

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