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Was out and about today and after some travelling found some crazy weather and some really thick snow. Just wish I had the Vredesteins fitted on the new 19"s but not yet arrived!

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GKP said:
I fitted a set of Vredesteins at the beginning of December. /smug/ :D It's been absolutely invincible these past few days down here in SE Hampshire.
Should have them on the car by Friday....
By the way, the Conti Cross Contacts have performed very well in the snow I have to say even 50% worn at the front & 30% at the back. :thumb:
Finally gor the new Vred Wintrac 4 Extreme on the New 2010 19" Wheels:

See http://www.rangerovers.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=35636&p=281630#p281630 for more pictures
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Re: SNOW DAY2 2010

Well as you know its snowed again so I have been out on my favourite lane in my increasingly dirty TDV8 Vogue:

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