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Smoking Air Con Compressor

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I've had a nasty RR related day. Started out changing coolant hoses, as one had sprung a leek.

Took the RR out for a quick drive to make sure everything was good, decided to go through some mud and got stuck. Again.

So as I'm hammering about, trying to get out, I smell heat. Temp gauge is up. Not Good.

So I pop the bonnet/hood, and the main fan belt has snapped. Which means I was revving the engine without the water pump running.

<fast forward a few hours in which I've had to beg a lift home from passers-by, and call a towing company to pull me out of the mud, and take the damaged RR home>

So I stick a new fan belt on, get the tension right, fire the RR up, and I smell burning again. Still not good. Pop the bonnet open, and the Air Con compressor is spewing smoke. What?

So, why would this go bad now? My AC doesn't work anyway, so any harm in just removing the AC compressor belt, and running without it?

OR. When I mashed the main fan belt (there were a few pieces exploded everywhere) has a piece just got in the compressor somehow, and just needs burning off?

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I took another look at the compressor. It looks like it spins, but then comes to a halt. then spins again.

The belt spins the whole time, and squeals when the compressor pulley stops turning.
I would suggest cleaning the AC pulley. It sounds like the tension is not correct or the dreaded belt dressing has been used. Once the clutch enguages there is not enough grip and the belt is slipping/burning.
What's the dreaded belt dressing?

I adjusted the jockey wheel to give just a little more tension, but it already seemed pretty spot on. The problem continued. I'm thinking the added resistance of a jammed air-con compressor was what caused the main fan-belt to fail. Oddly, when I had loosened the jockey wheel, the air-con pulley seemed to rotate freely....

But. The air con didn't work anyway, so I ended up cutting the belt off. At least I can now drive the RR, without it screaming and smoking.

I may need to replace the thermostat again, as the temp gauge on the dash stays pretty far left now, I may have cooked the one that is in there.

I probably should get an oil change too, in-case I burned the oil.

The continuing saga of my self-inflicted woes. :doh:
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If I rev the engine from stationary/neutral, I get a sound a little like small pebbles hitting the wheel arches, except it's coming from the gearbox/engine area. I'm thinking something bad has happened. :(
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