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Hi everyone, i have a 2010 range rover sport - i have an issue where soon as it boosts or goes up hill it starts to smoke from the exhausts - its like a blue is thin smoke, it smells of something burnt but clears shortly after as if something is burning in the exhaust system.
i do not have any warning lights nor do i have any loss of power.

I recently had a oil and filter change and the problem started 300+ miles after.
I have taken the car to a garage to which upon plug in could not find any issues other than the dpf is not responding it is showing 0 on all regeneration information sections. or if there was any reports nothing in connection to turbo engine etc.

The garage has said from experience the likely hood is a turbo seal, i was questioning to gain a second opinion.
has anybody got any information they could share as to the issue.

thanks in advanced.

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