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Smart tech animators out there?

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All...I have a 2019 Byron Blue ATB L405.2 on the way. I was thinking it would look good to paint the lower side rockers as well as the lower front and rear fascias the matching Byron Blue VS the 'blackish' on the truck from the factory. The RR Sports look so good with the lower rockers painted. Can anybody out there photo shop this to see what it would look like and if it was worth the money for the change. thx
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Hello Overdraft,

Regarding the look of painting the lower 'blackish' panels on your L405 to match the body color, please find a listing for a 2013 L405 in Indus Silver on Autotrader in the link attached. It is not Byron Blue and it is not an '18 or '19 updated style, but it may help you see how painting the panels to match body paint will look.

Thank you jmod77.......looks great - and what a differnace!...wonder why these don't offer it as an option. Porsche even does it...for $ 1600 side sills and $700 rear fasica...
My pleasure Overdraft, Porsche offers amazing customization for a price :). I think RR reserves the more extensive customization through their SVO department. I have noticed a few '18s with the side graphics and trim painted to match the body paint. I have not had the chance to ask the owners if the dealer or an independent paint shop did the painting.
Here is how it turned out. Dealer did a beautiful job....any really not sure what Land Rover doesn't do it from the factory. After painting rockers Byron Blue to match...added XPEL to make sure it doesn't come off. I Like the look - couldn't stand the black/ grey. Added tinted windows to match rear since this photo taken. My 4th Range Rover - though first ATB and glad I satisfied with the extra spent although I am sure the other models are equally nice - if not just a little less supple.
Can post the picture for some reason...won't let me 'attach' will try later...
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