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Slime in RH footwell

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Car P38 1998 Vogue 4.6, recently acquired, and maintenance has prob been patchy over the years. There are a few things to sort, so I may be a regular on here. I have owned Series/ defenders since birth, but this is the first RR.

In the RH foot well under the carpet (which was dry) and after lifting the rubber mat the foam matrix seems to be full of a clear, odourless slime. There's no sign of any significant corrosion on the floor pan, which may suggest/ confirm it's not water-based. Any ideas what might have found its way under the rubber matting and have that kind of consistency - it's nothing I've ever come across before.

I see talk of heater matrix o rings, but the slime is completely clear and no trace of coolant that I can see

Cheers, Rob
50th Def 4.0
50th RR 4.6
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RH side is most likely O rings. May have been done previously and the slime is the residue after the water has evaporated.
Thanks - that makes sense - i'l check it out
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