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2018 Velar R-Drynamic HSE P380
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I have a RRS Sport LUX MY2010 bght new in Jan 2010 and I just noticed a slight whirrling noise when I accelerate. I have 43k miles and its going to the shop for its 45k service in about 2 weeks. Has anyone experienced it? Also since my warranty is ending at 50k has any asked their dealer to do soup to nuts inspection of the truck before the warranty is up? My dealership is selling the Continental Ultracare warranty. Not quite sure fo the pricing I havent asked yet but has anyone use this warranty? and any idea of how much it costs? I hold onto my trucks for a while and plan on keeping this for 10 years so a warranty up to 100k miles would be nice. I have never owned such an expensive rig before and I know that they cost a ton to fix and reliablity is anyones guess. My last truck was a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited bght in Oct 1999 and I sold in Oct 2010 with 133k miles and it wasnt to bad to up keep.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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