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Hi all,

Im going to replace and upgrade all my coolant hoses to silicone ones. I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that did them. Ive found a couple of places using google but nothing car specific (RR 98 SE 4ltr auto lpg).

Also is there a specific grade/specification hose i need to be looking for?

Oh and im in the south of the UK



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They are hard to find as sets for the Land Rover range except for the boost/intercooler hoses on certain diesel engines.

I had a customer price up a set of coolant hoses for a an EU3 Discovery 2 TD5 and they were £450GBP for the set via Merlin Motorsport at Castle Combe. Saying that, I have seen an advert for a silicon main hose for that engine somewhere recently (the one with the bleed screw which goes from the head and over the turbo area back towards the radiator).

I expect that there may be a set for the early Rover 3.5 engine as well, but that's no good for the later RV8.

As far as grades go, the SAMCO hoses are a standard specification except for their XDB range which are insanely sturdy. I've fitted 3 of these kits on the Disco3 TDV6 Lion and I expect they will easily last the lifetime of the vehicle.
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