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I'm about to replace my coolant hoses on my '89 classic. Does anyone know if anyone makes a silicone coolant hose set for the RRC?

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I see that Samco has hoses for the TDI motors, but not the V8 yet, sold under the Samco XBD label.
Click the email link and inquire about the V8 hoses mentioned in the link below.
TDI hoses found here.
Also SFS Performance has a similar hose set for the TDI motors, but no V8.

Samco hoses for cars are soft silicone, wrapped like a grip tape so the thickness varies from each hose made.
I've seen numerous Samco hose failures, I only wish Goodyear would have a wider selection of silicone hose applications.
Goodyear silicone hoses feel as sturdy as OEM rubber hoses, not soft like Samco and others.
Its nice to see the Samco XBD hoses have two major improvements over the Samco car hoses.
What they don't tell you is that ABA hose clamps are highly recommended over cheap worm hose clamps.
Why??? Because ABA hose clamps have a raised band edges that wont cut into the hose like other worm clamps (note: ABA makes all kinds of hose clamps, not all have the raised band edges so double check your order).
Many retailers of Samco hoses have kits which include ABA clamps. It would be foolish not to buy ABA clamps for your expensive Samco hoses.

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Mudplugger said:
Never seen a genuine Samco hose fail, what were they being used on?
I did see the reply by Samco, but I couldn't reply due to ISP problems the last several days.
Why Samco was deleted is beyond me, but I suspect it may have to do with being a non paying advertiser.

Anyways, my experience is with water cooled VW's, especially the early 12v VR6 models.
Back in 2000 I examined a Samco hose kit for my Mk2 OBD2 VR6 swap, a Corrado VR6 hose kit.. The seller Velocity Sport Tuning, Inc of Carson CA (gone but not forgotten), had a yellow hose kit in stock, I didn't want yellow but examined it anyways.
If you are familiar with the VR6 motor as used in the Corrado, A3 Golf/Jetta or B3/B4 Passat (Samco does not make a kit for these Passat models), then you'll know what I'm talking about.

These models have an upper radiator hose with a branch that leads to the expansion tank and then to the throttle body.
Where the tiny hose branches off the upper radiator hose is where I found a hole. Not a pin hole, but a tear in the silicone.
This could have been a manufacturing defect or a stress failure. The hoses were new, but it had very little in the way of reinforcement at the branch.
I distinctly recall the hose being very soft, keep in mind this was a 1st generation Samco hose circa 2000.

In 2001 they have redesigned the hoses since a picture I have, clearly shows a big difference in the branch area as It is very much improved and reinforced.
These early hoses were a two piece design where the hoses required a hose barb to fit together and then some hose clamps (6 hose clamps required for the upper hose vs. 4 for the latest one piece version).
The other failures I've seen on-line were at the branch on early versions, also abrasion issues along with battery acid damage. The later not being covered by the warranty.

Just today I examined another set of 12v VR6 Samco hoses, brand new at my friends VW parts shop, and these new one piece hoses are much stiffer. That is a real plus when it comes time for me to replace my hoses. What I'm turned off by is the 1 year warranty, why can't it be lifetime?
There had been talks about changing Samco's hose warranty to be lifetime, but my friend is not holding his breath on that ever happening.
He told me today that if a warranty issue arises, that is must be well before the year is up, if it is close to the year mark it would be difficult to get a replacement hose. Now I don't know the specifics for this, I'm just passing on what I heard today.
It may not be Samco's policy, but the distributor he buys them from.

I'm not out to knock Samco, they have improved the product over the years.
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