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Side View Mirrors: Changing "Range Rover" ground display

Just bought a L494 after much advice from everyone on this forum. Thank you!

Loving the car so far, so happy I got the upgraded sound sound system and HSE vs just buying the upcharge items

One thing I didn't know about was the fact that the rear view mirrors on either side of the car display a circle of light on the ground with word "RANGE ROVER" displayed in the middle whenever you unlock the car at night time. I don't totally hate the feature, but I'd be interested to know if anyone (or any companies out there) could modify this feature. I'd like the display to show a different word instead of the RANGE ROVER.

Has this question ever been asked before? Any great modding RR companies you've dealt with?

Thanks again for all of the advice along the way with the wheels!

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Re: Side View Mirrors: Changing "Range Rover" ground display

What year truck do you have?

My 2017 has just a silhouette of the RRS. I have never actually looked at the underside mirrors but you might be able to:

1. change out the piece that blocks the light to make the picture
2. 3d print a different piece

Assuming that there is just a piece to change the light. I envision a plastic disc so that the various models share more components.
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