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I have a 1988 Range Rover that started running hot last week as I was returning home from dropping my Son off at school. The temp gauge did not make it into the red but it was pretty close. I first thought it was an air lock and then possibly a failing water pump. I replaced the water pump as a precaution but it looks like air in the system was the actual cause.

It’s been running pretty good but when I open the expansion tank cap when cold there is a fair amount of pressure released and if I open it too fast coolant will gush out. With the cap off I can squeeze the upper radiator hose and get some pretty big bubbles to come up in the tank. I was thinking there might still be air working it’s way out of the system but it doesn’t seem to be getting much better.

When I bought the truck a few weeks ago the temp gauge ran about a ¼ up consistently and now it’s running a little below half to a little above. It doesn’t appear to be running hot and it’s not loosing coolant. I don’t get any white smoke and the truck has good power so I’m hopping the head gaskets are fine. I may have the coolant tested for exhaust gasses but I just wanted to see if anyone else experiences this kind of pressure in the expansion tank when cold and is it normal to get bubbles when I squeeze the upper radiator hose. Since I’m new to Land Rovers and this truck I’m not sure what’s a normal reading for the temp gauge.
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