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My dealer has a 2016 RRS HSE Aruba in stock with the Espresso/Ivory interior. There is not a lot of difference in the options so that is not a factor.

It does not have the remote start and my dealer said they did not know if that was going to even be offered in the 2016. I am not sure I trust him so any insight would be very much appreciated.

I also have not asked him what he is going to give me for my 2014, but he said it would not be a big deal.

My biggest reason for getting the 2016 is I get bored really quick with vehicles. I usually only keep them 2 years, if I am lucky. I purchased this 2014 on July 31, 2014 (so barely 1 year this time).

I am in love with the Aruba color with the espresso. I went to look at every other vehicle out there and just cant get the Range Rover out of my mind. To be perfectly honest, if there was anything else out there that was awesome, I would be open to it. I don't like the looks of the Cadillac Escalade and it is just too big. The Volvo XC90 was okay, but I did not like the look of the infotainment system. I also do not think I would ever take a risk on a Volvo. Previous to the Range Rover, all of my vehicles were BMW and Lexus. I just don't like the look of the X5. The 2016 Lexus RX350 is just weird looking and the 2016 Audi Q7 looks like a minivan. The Porsche has too many buttons and the exterior just does not appeal to me. However, the infotainment is so much cooler on the Lexus and Audi. In fact, I went to look at the Honda Pilot Elite and it has a better infotainment system. I was trying to see if I could come down to earth. My husband called me and said he hoped I liked the Pilot!

My issues with the Range Rover are:

1. Infotainment System
2. Back seats do not lay completing down
3. Small cargo space
4. Concern with reliability
5. Being somewhere (like South Dakota) where there are no Range Rover dealers if I had an issue

I understand there is not a perfect vehicle out there and right now it seems like the Range Rover Sport is closest to it.

If there are any suggestions on other vehicles or thoughts on my trade in, I would really appreciate it.

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The 2016s will not have remote start, that much has been confirmed.

When the dealer said "it will not be a big deal," do you think they mean it won't be a good offer or they mean it will not be something for you to worry about?

Unlike most people in here, I feel rather geriatric in how long I keep vehicles (usually drive them to 90,000 miles), so I cannot relate to being bored with a vehicle after 1 year, let alone trying to trade it in for an identical vehicle, albeit in a different color.

While the changes for 2016 were nice, I wouldn't trade in a 2014 just for those features. I could understand maybe trading for missing option packages or a different engine, but unless you really hate the white color or the aruba is a must have, I'm not sure I would do the trade. Will you end up trading the aruba in a year or two?

As for other choices, can't help you there. I agree with your assessments about the competition which is why I ended up ordering a RRS.

Good luck with your decision!
He acted like I would not take a big hit. I actually really appreciate your response. It probably is stupid to trade in my vehicle because of a color and being newer! I would probably keep it 2 years at most. However, if I get a great trade in value and I am happier, then it is worth it to me. I really wanted to find another brand to make my excuse easier to deal with.
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