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I agree with Jerry.

Given the list of issues addressed, you're ahead of the likeliest problems to surface.

The HVAC system is pretty reliable (AC compressor etc) as is the steering and driveline (front diff, auto trans, transfer case, rear diff and all six driveshafts) providing the transmission filter and all fluids are changed/topped off, especially the transfer case, at the correct mileage intervals.

The rear suspension air bags tend to outlast the fronts (which have already been swapped out) and are easy to change, too.

Thus, I would take the $2700 and put it in a savings account for a rainy day and make sure you find a reliable local technician to look after your ride if you're not comfortable doing most of the maintenance yourself. Unforeseen electrical issues can get expensive if you use a shop which is on the weak side regarding real troubleshooting vs just swapping boxes out until they find/stumble on the problem.

If your vehicle makes it through the next 33,000 miles without a major issue (highly likely, IMHO) you still have your $2700 for future use.

One last thing - these cars can eat brakes about every 15,000 miles or so. You can purchase the replacement parts (rotors, pads and sensors) from Rockauto.com ahead of time and have a local vendor install them, thus saving a bunch of cash on the $$$$ dealership costs.

Also, the tires will last longer if you religiously have them rotated every 5/6,000 miles and the vehicle's alignment is correct.

However, don't be too surprised if the tread wear bars start to "appear" around the 20,000 mile mark. A replacement set of Michelins is in the $12-1300 range.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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