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Hi all,

really hope you can offer some advice.

I have the possibility of purchasing a RR Mk3 (2003) for 15k. Its got 80k miles and is the 3.0 TD6 Diesel model.

the car looks in great shape and according to the garage is in immaculate condition.

Could someone offer advice on whether this would be a wise buy? I ave looked around but the info i found isn't that conclusive. Perhaps you RR fans out there can provide more details on areas like:

- Engine and overall reliability (any major/expensive parts known to fail at certain intervals)?
- How the on-road drive quality? Are they as sluggish as some reviews claim? i dont expect Porsche Cayenne type speeds but i wouldn't like a car that cannot pull its own wait either.
- People say they are expensive ti maintain, but if its taken care of, are costs really that much more that an average SUV like VW Touaregs, X5s, etc?

I know some of my questions may sound odd, but i just need to make sure i am not buying myself a vehicle that will only cost me money and hassle (like my old Range Rover Mk1 did with transmission, leaky parts, gear box probs, etc.

any help would be awesome.



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Hello, and WELCOEM TO THE FORUM!!!! :dance:

Since you are decribing a TD6, we can assume you are not in the U.S., but the U.K, or somewhere that TD6s are sold.

The price then (we would assume) would be in british pounds.

That said (and since value is location-relative), I can't say if it's a good price considering availability where ever you are.

However, I could chime in on other parts of your question. Please keep in mind that my personal experience is with the "petrol" 4.4l engine available here in the U.S. So the mechanicals are quite different from the TD6.

Most of us on The Forum are quite partial to the Range Rover. Particularly to the ride, both on and off road, and it's renowned off-road capabilities.
The ride part of your question then is that the ride of a properly maintained RR can't be beat in it's class. It is peerless in it's performance.

As far as your subject RR's respectable mechanical history, that's a very good starting point. But the RR has a number of parts that wear. It's a very sophisticated vehicle, with parts that are quite dear (assuming the U.K. vernacular, I think) compared to most all other vehicles in it's class. That said, depending on what it's service history tells, it may be due or overdue for some expensive service & parts failures, i.e. the front airspring/strut assemblies. Yes, the RR repair/replacement parts are more expensive than it's common, higher production rate counterparts.

I can not attest to the TD6's reliability, as they aren't normally available to us in the U.S. The BMW 4.4 "petrol" engine we have here in the U.S. is not particularly revered for it's turn-key (pardon the pun) reliability, more so because of it's sophistication, and sensitivity to maintenance and wear.

I would suggest you research as much as you can until you're satisfied to pull the trigger or not, beyond asking a forum for input. You will be hard pressed to find anything conclusive.

Good Luck, & proceed with caution!! :thumb:

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I think if you owned a RR before and felt like it was a maintenance nightmare, the same will probably be true again. Personally having the BMW 4.4 V8 engine, I've had 0 problems in my first year, although I have performed a fair amount of preventative maintenance (fuel filter, various hoses, and more planned as soon as the weather warms up). I do wish we had access to the diesel engines in the US though.

I think if I had paid for this "maintenance" at the dealer it would have cost me at least 3,000 USD though (doing myself it was under $200). I know a guy who got his PCV hoses done at the main dealer here and they charged him $800 and they didn't even do all the hoses. So I say, you should either be rich, or be very handy and take exceptional care if you want a RR :think:

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Hello Sir,

Thats a fair price... providing its not green 8) (Green seems to be worth a few grand less from my expereince)

Before travelling to see it, I would ask the dealers confirmation of 'immaculate'. Ask about:
1. Corroded door handles
2. Worn interior door handles and trim
3. Seat Wear
4. Rust or corrosion under mirrors
5. Obvious scratches or dents.

Also check its has the front diff recall done (Q41) and if it hasnt book it in. 80k is also transmission oil change time which can be done for about £250 all in from a specialist.

I found myself travelling all over the shop to see utter piles of **** that where described as immaculate - its very annoying.

The TD6 is not slugglish in my opinion. Its a bit 'agricultural' when first started, but once warm it is smooth with ample power. I average 27mpg with mixed urban/motorway use, approximatey 10mpg more than the 4.4 petrol - which is a considerable saving.

Good luck
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