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should i buy my off-lease & process for getting car CPO'ed

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should i buy my off-lease & process for getting car CPO'ed

Anybody buy their end of lease Range Rover after the dealer has CPO certified it? Wondering how much you paid. I have a 2016 HSE TD6 with 33k miles coming off lease in November with a residual of $54k, wondering if it's worthing buying it, and if so if it's worth getting it CPO'ed by the dealer I leased it from. Any input welcome.
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Re: should i buy my off-lease & process for getting car CPO'

I am in the same boat at year end with our 2016 HSE 380hp V6. We were going to turn it in, but my wife wanted a new SUV, and the new Porsche Cayenne 2019 e-hybrid will not be delivering until the summer of 2019, & the new BMW X7 or next gen MB GLS is still tbd. So we are seriously thinking of keeping the RR HSE. It has only 27K miles so I am going to ask for quotes to extend the lease for 1 or 2 years and compare it to the purchase option of $58K and sell later or trade in.
This way, the timing seems to work. By 2021-2022 we will turn in whatever this replacement SUV is. She hopes the next gen RR will be available by then. I have read a Land Rover article about their product plans that this is slated around 2021.

I recently saw quotes ranging from $60K to $70K for 2016 HSEs. Ours is fully loaded with all the driving options and tow package. So from the purchase option alone, there is a $10K potential gain if we buy it.

As far as being CPO'ed, I am not thinking of it at all. I am not sure what we will get out of it, maybe an extended warranty is a better option if you are looking for peace of mind.
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