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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Hi all, I've really gone down the rabbit hole and am in need of some expert assistance...

'99 P38 that's strong and smooth sounding overall (knock wood).

The suspension is out-of-this-world bad. It's the worst I've ever experienced, in any Land Rover I've ever owned (Series II, D1). Extremely harsh bottom outs. Bouncy. Uncontrolled. And here's the kicker-- I've already swapped every used part out for new :|

Current setup:
New Standard conversion coils (from atlantic british)
New Bilstein shocks (from my local LR specialist)
New TF steering damper
New frame bushes

Other notes:
My good friend thinks the shocks are the main issue here. Could there be multiple Billys that are sold for the P38? Mine seem to be pure mush, while other drivers report a firmer ride. Are there ANY shocks that fit a P38, AND are valved for use with coils?

Wild card:
Also, I've searched far and wide for the shocks specs, like stroke length and eye-to-eye measurements. I have an "in" at FOX, and would like to try to acquire an adjustable set of their shocks, if they make some that fit. But P38s don't show up on FOX's standard compatibility spreadsheet. Has anyone used FOX shocks on their P38?

Aye aye aye...

Thank you so much for reading my suspension War and Peace,
Any recommendations are welcome (EVEN going back to air bags, if it involves bypassing the ECU `))


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You have just described the correct suspension feel for a P38 on coils. Convert it back to air and Boge shocks as it was originally designed to have and you'll get the best ride of any Land Rover vehicle.
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