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Shocks if any?

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Hey guys heres my delima. I have a 99 (bosch) that appears to have a 2-3'' lift on it. Tire size are 265/75/16 with springs that are OME 781/764 with what appears to be a 1'' spacers under the spring seats above the axles. With those springs what you guys guess the total lift will be? Reason for the post is cause the rig have stock height shocks so they are topping out. What shocks do you think can work for this set up? I figure I would just get rid of the spacers and tires and go with 245/75/16. Thanks
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Your ONLY accurate way to measure shocks is to flex out one corner, and get to measuring.
Remove all 4 shocks.
Drive a front wheel up onto a ramp of any kind, until a wheel starts to lift off the ground. Something like this (excuse the Heep)....
Park it and measure the distance between all the shocks upper and lower mounts. This will give you the open and collapsed measurements for the front and rear shocks.



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i put front P38 shocks on the rear and up front i used TLC FZJ80 rear shocks. but i would not recomend you do this. the toyota shocks have a different bushing so I sourced some bbushings to adapt the OEM bolts to the new shocks. i get a bit of rattle from them as they are metal on metal.

in the future i will probably go back to a front P38 shock and make a spacer for the bottom mount, as seen on alan bates' website.

are they topping out when articulating or when going over speed bumps at the mall? because longer shocks will not help with articulation at all if you do not address the sway bar end links, espcially with that much lift.
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Yeah they are topping out a bit over bumps. Guess I will just take the spacers out
I dont' know what a fzj80 is, but I tried the Toyota FJ Cruiser rear shocks in the front on mine and it was WAY too soft. Similar to a 80's Caddy Fleetwood Brougham with no shocks.
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