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So - I have a 2011 Sport Autobiography. 2nd owner. I have owned since 2015 - when it had just over 27k/mi on it. Clean Carfax. It was purchased from Gold Coast Motors in Chicago. Immaculate condition - still had the "new smell" when I picked it up and drove it back to RI. No issues...until now.

At 59k/mi, I brought it to the dealer - there was a pulsation when braking consistent with what I thought was a simple brake job. And, as it was under an extended warranty, at the time, I brought it in with just the expectation of having new rotors and pads put on. And, in fact, that is what was done.

However, the brake job (as the technician said) "didn't take" as I got the same chatter/pulsation and squealing within 500 miles. To fast forward - they replaced the rotors and pads (3) more times until I was at 64k/mi. So, if you're counting, that's (4) complete rotor and pad replacements within 5k/mi.

Last time I took the Sport back, they kept it for almost 2 weeks. They found that the upper control arms needed to be replaced. And, so, they replaced them - it minimized the chattering/pulsation to about 80% - but now, it's back and the truck is out of warranty.

I know that it's not the rotors or pads but the dealer does not know what it is - they actually said that. If you can believe it! So, I need some help from everyone here.

Here is what is now happening:
1. Enormous wheel chatter at the steering wheel when the brakes are applied at 65-70, or higher mph.
2. Brake Squealing (just started today).
3. Clunking from front-end when the car enters into a driveway, or grade change, at low speed. Less than 3 mph.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!
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