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Hello there from Ft. Collins. My name is Seth Im 32 married and have our first baby due in January. I love screwing around with trucks and snowmobiles. My newest obsession is my 1992 RRC County LSE ,Brookland Green ex. Light stone leather w/piping int. It has over 250k miles with one rebuild in witch I believe the owner at the time bored it "4" over heddman headers and a full dual exhaust into one tail pipe exit. It runs amazingly smooth thanks to some help Ive received here. Several new sensors and all new fluids and a set of d-90 rims and goodyear tires have her ready for winter and any adventure we can find.
jut wanted to thank the administrators for keeping the site tidy and all the members who have helped and will help in the future.
AND NOW .....for a question, How do I fricking upload a pic? Mainly for my profile, but also for albums etc? does it require a better subscription?
ALSO My RRC has a 3" lift w/ the Brittish Atlantic Yellow springs
1 - 2 of 2 Posts