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Im looking to do a complete service on my car after noticing the dealers miss things i would expect to be done.

Is there a comprehensive list anywhere on this site for what oils i need and quantaties for things like axels and gear box and transfer box?

thanks for any help on this matter

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If you have the instructionsmanual for the car you will be able to se the different quantities of fluids required.

Normal service issues are:
Service every 10.000 km:

Airfilter and pollenfilters (2 pcs.) change once a year at least
Change oil and filter for engine every 10.000 km
Change transmissionsoil and filter every 40.000 km - do the same with the transferbox
Differentials - approx 1.8 liter 80w90 diff. oil (x2)
Check and lights - adjust beam on dipped beam with beamsetter, check wiperblades and
Grease propshafts every 10.000 km
Lube all hinges (doors, rear tailgate and bonnet) - remember the dampers as well
Fuelfilter - can't remember how often - mine is in the tank - so I haven't bothered yet
Coolant - change every 4 years
Brakefluid change at least every 2 years
Brakes - clean and lube at least every 10.000 km
Lower car once a year and pull drainplug in airtank to empty any eventual water. tighten plug again and just start the car and the suspension is back in business. - there's a filter for the EAS as well - can't remember how often you change it

I might have missed something on this list
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