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About 9 months ago, I purchased a 2003 RR with 55k miles and it had an extended warranty good to 75k. Instead of 60k service, I just did an oil change. The following have been fixed under the ext. warranty: sunroof, radiator, coolant leaks, oil leaks, transfer case, alarm computer, thermostat, service engine soon light. The car currently has $63k miles and in addition to all the above, the dealer is suggesting these things also be replaced:
Belts - $352
Hoses - $743
Emission Hoses - $250 (supposedly causing part of the service engine soon light)
Rear Brakes - $833 for pads and rotos, $390 for just pads (isn't there a sensor that tells us when to change the pads?)

Now here is the question,"should I have these things addressed or wait until they fail?"

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You want to wait until a hose or belt fails?

I would take it to an independant Land Rover repair shop and have them do an inspection, they can do warranty repairs under your extended warranty. Have them check your belts and hoses. The brake pads shold be changed before the sensors go off otherwise you will need to buy new sensors also. If you wait too long you will need new rotors also as LR does not turn/refinish rotors they just replace, so you want to replace the pads before you damage the rotors.

All of this will cost much less at an independant shop and you can negotiate the prices on parts or buy the parts online and supply them and just pay labor.

Sopport the independant shops and keep them in business.
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