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My earlier concerns expressed in my previous thread "Battery charging via accessory port?" have been realised - TWICE!

[P S - they cannot be charged through the 'accessory port']

Last week, after my newly acquired 2010 Vogue 3.6 TDV8 had been unused for a few days, I started the car and pulled it out of the garage but 15 minutes later it refused to start - flat battery! Land Rover Assistance mechanic arrived within 30 minutes (which I thought was pretty good!) and spent an hour charging the battery, checking the alternator output and the battery condition - all declared good - and measuring the 'dark current' draw after engine shut-down. That showed the 'normal' (so I am told) current drain which immediately after shut-down was over 5A (FIVE AMPS!), gradually reducing over a 20 minute period as all of the systems shut down until it reached what I was informed was the accepted level of between 12 and 20 mA (milliamps).

Once the mechanic had buttoned everything up, I made a trip of over 120 miles - sufficient I would have thought to adequately charge the battery but the mechanic did recommend that I invest in a 'battery charger/optimiser' which I immediately ordered (ctek CTE-MXS 5.0) and which was delivered this morning.

However, when I attempted to drive the car out of the garage to install the charger leads, the car would not start - battery dead as a Dodo!

Another visit from Land Rover Assistance, (again within half-an-hour - they must be parked at the end of our street!) who this time had to manually release the gearshift inter-lock and handbrake to push the car out of the garage so that the hood could be opened to access the battery. Same procedure as a few days earlier - charge and check battery, alternator and 'dark current' and start car - however, this time his 'analyser' suggested the need for a new battery whereas previously the battery was declared OK.

Then ..... the mechanic commented that, being a 2010 3.6 diesel, it should have had 'Service Action Q159' conducted on it, Q159 being a re-call issued in September 2012 applicable to any 2010 car between VIN LM306631 and LM334416. My car sits within that range but the mechanic confirmed that the work had not been conducted on the car, which was a little surprising since it was supposed to have had a 'major service' at the main LR dealer before delivery in December last and the instructions in Q159 require dealers to accomplish it on affected cars "prior to hand over to the customer".

Service Action Q159 calls for a different new battery and software modifications to reduce by about 50% current draw times for various systems to prevent excessive battery drain after engine shut-down.

Has anyone any experience of 'before and after Q159' experience. Did it do the trick?

My LR dealer is collecting the car tomorrow to accomplish the work while I am abroad for the next six weeks - so he has plenty of time! :)
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