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so today my aux lead stopped working so I removed the CD player and when doing so found a Bluetooth hands free kit in behind in the void (Nokia ck-7w) this looks like is been bodged in as the wires were loosely pushed into the audio plugs in the back of the head unit. As I removed the CD player the wires came out from where they where pushed in, and thinking I don’t need it I disconnected it and removed it. It had a butt joint on to the live, and ignition wire and soldered onto the ground and everything else was just resting in place. The issue I have now is when I turn the ignition the hazards flash and the central locking releases, the ignition won’t turn and the park break light flashed. The CD player works with the navy unit.I have checked the ground and it’s a good connection the live and ignition are on uninterrupted joints. Does anyone have any idea what’s happened? Apologise for the long winded post, it is my first.
kind regards
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