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I get this every time I start the car, or as in the case this morning don't start it. My independent has become obsessed with it being the reason for "Restricted Performance" after about a hour of driving. The "Restricted Performance" message only comes on after at least an hour of driving and interestingly never came on before they serviced it. They have also suggested that unless I do something about it the DPF will clog up (I always clear the "Restricted Performance" ASAP either by stopping or using the IDTool) and of course normal performance is restored. They have replaced one sensor (no change) and are now suggesting replacing all 6 which will cost me thousands of £££s but my guess is that it may fix the sensor problem but not the underlying fault, which I have had suggested to me my be an air leak which doesn't throw up a code. Also logic tells me if a faulty sensor is the actual underlying problem the car would go into "Restricted Performance" immediately and not clear so easily. The car runs perfectly with good performance and good mpg. Anyone got any thoughts?
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