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Sensor behind passenger side coil box

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Its actually behind the driver side coil box...can't edit the title apparently!

I am nearing the end of my timing change guide odyssey, and in the process of installing my valve covers, notice that there are two wires on the drives side that leave the box the coil wires run from that go to what looks like a sensor behind. Problem is in the process of R and R of the valve cover I pulled on of the wires out of the sensor and am having difficulty re installing the wire. Any idea what the sensor is? Can it run without the sensor? I want to test start (after I put oil back in) so Keralis can get his tools back (so I am sure there are no timing issues).
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Year? Engine type?
Sorry...2004 Range Rover M62 engine. 130,000 mi
The (what appears to be) the sensor is located on the driver side rear of the engine over the valley pan. There are two brown wires that exit the rear of the box that holds the mess of wiring over the engine coils. I'll try and post a pic later if I can.

I just want to be sure the engine starts after my timing chain guide job. I just want to run it for a minute before I continue with re-assembly. I'm okay if it throws a code and I have to go back and fix it. But if this is required for ignition and I have not repaired it properly, then I cannot be sure if I have a timing issue or sensor issue if the truck doesn't start.
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