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Selling 04 RR HSE - Buyer wants inspecton

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im trying to sell my 04 RR HSE, i have a guy who is interested but 1st he wants to have it looked over by Range Rover and have a 100 point inspection performed, is this something i sholuld do? pros and cons? i just dont want to waste my time if i dont have to, but the guy acts like he will buy it if all is ok.
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I would say any buyer who is willing to pay $100+ for a thorough inspection is a serious buyer vs. some kid who is just looking for a joy ride after seeing your ad on craigslist. The buyer is probably knowledgeable enough about Ranger Rovers to even ask to have this inspection performed. Whether or not you want to sell it to an educated buyer, or somebody who is ignorant of the issues of the truck can work for or against you.

Regardless, if you do get a used car inspection performed by the dealer or independent LR specialist, get a copy of the report. Then other potential buyers can review that.

Case in point, I almost bought a RR for which the owner had the local chain auto shop inspect and pass it with flying colors. Then I paid the LR specialist to inspect it and there was literally thousands of dollars worth of repairs that needed to be done.

The RR was sold to someone else who didn't know any better.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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