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Selling 04 RR HSE - Buyer wants inspecton

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im trying to sell my 04 RR HSE, i have a guy who is interested but 1st he wants to have it looked over by Range Rover and have a 100 point inspection performed, is this something i sholuld do? pros and cons? i just dont want to waste my time if i dont have to, but the guy acts like he will buy it if all is ok.
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Depends on your asking price and how much lower you're willing to go. It's 2004 Range Rover so there's a good chance a thorough inspection will find some things the buyer can use to bargain down the price with. If you're pretty firm on your price, I'd say that tell the buyer first. The buyer may just want to make sure there's no major work that needs to be done immediately. If something does come up in the inspection and the buyer walks away than you may feel more pressure to lower your price. But if your price is low enough than there should be enough buyers to take a chance.

Someone in my neighborhood recently put up their one owner 2004 Range Rover for $16.5k with 105k miles. It sold pretty quickly. Even at that price I would have had Roverland take a quick look but would have bought it so long as it didn't need a new engine or some $5k immediate repair.
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