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The compressor has been running for about a week now, and these are my conclusions:

* Don't use the plastic valves - they leak with heat (just like Dennis said :oops: ).
* Isolate the tyre inflator connection from the system when not needed - it leaks, albeit very slowly.
* be very sure to tie back and or protect the surrounding hoses - brake, power steering, oil cooling where they might chafe on the compressor or its mountings.
* the new comp is noisier than the old - I don't mind this too much, and can always revert to the OEM with 5 mins work. The mounting is sensitive to tightness which compresses the isolating rubber and allows the noise to be transmitted to the chassis rail. Needs fine adjustment to get it right.
* Check those air line connections for leaks again and then again.
* take care when connecting the valve block multi plugs - it is easy to displace a male connector.
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