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Hi All
Does anybody know of a repair/Service exchange service in the uk for the Memory Seat ECU?,I have a 1993 LSE which the seat has stopped working on,been doing some checks today and found there was a "clicking" noise coming from a white box fixed to the bottom of the drivers seat, i think this must be the ECU,so have removed it,popped off the cover and notice that there is a small amount of corrosion near to what looks like a small battery.Any Help or info to sort this out will be greatly recevied.

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There are shops that will rebuild the ECU but it's expensive. Try:

AVILEC Ltd T/A Car Electronic Services,
Whitegates Building
Arctic Road
Cowes PO317PG
Tel: 01983 281811
Intl: +44 1983 281811
Fax: 01983 281822
Intl: +44 1983 281822
Email: [email protected]

If the circuit board isn't damaged, you may just be able to replace the battery on the board by carefully soldering in a replacement. "Varta" batteries are available at electronics suppliers and usually on ebay.
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