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seat belt wont wind back in...help

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Ok, my 04 range rover seat belt will no longer wind back in all the way, do the adjust and if not where could i buy other than a dealer......
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Dealer will probably replace that for free because it's a mandated safety feature.
Your USA dealers might do that, but here in the UK you'd be laughed out of the store for asking to have a five year old part replaced for free! :lol:

As to the original question, if you're certain it's not catching on any of the plastic trim, replace the whole thing. It's supposed to retract, not only to stop the belt from getting trapped in the door but more importantly to keep the belt at the correct tension across your body at all times. It saves on having to polish teeth marks out of the steering wheel.

Buy it from a dealer (or a Genuine Parts supplier), as a Genuine Part you'll be safe in the knowledge that it will work properly when required.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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