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Seat belt repair

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OK, I got the wife a 2000 P38 HSE for her 'family' car but there are some issues of course. The most pressing right now is the rear passenger side seat belt. The cover of the female end had broken off. I bought a replacement but am at a loss on how to remove the old one. Is there an easy way to get to the bolt holding it to the seat? Do I have to tear the entire rear seat apart to get to it? First of many posts (I drive a DII), thanks in advance guys!

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I may be misunderstanding you but, if its just the plastic cover that is broken, it should just pull apart and snap back together.
What I meant was the I was going to replace the entire female seat belt piece not just the plastic cover. As you are sitting in the rear right seat the part of the restraint system that is just at your left hip. It looks like it just bolts right in but how do I get to it without tearing the entire rear seat apart? The CD repair manual spends pages and pages going over the front seat and then just deals with the strap part of the rear system....no mention of how to tear out the female side.
if it's the same as mine RHD (i'm in Tasmania AUS) your talking about the male and female fittings in the middle of the dual seat.
just looked at mine, it's out of the vehicle for 'the duration' (need the extra load space) and i reckon you'll need to take the trim off to access.
seat pulls out easy, just four Torx bolts. take it to a motor trimmer and get him to do it, then bolt it back in.


I replaced that exact receiving end of the middle seatbelt last summer. Although it wasn't easy access, I tipped both seats forward and used my impact wrench on the torx screws. Eventually it came. I even rigged up a "cheater bar" (a long steel rod about 5 feet long) on a standard wratchet set and sorta broke it loose enough that my impact wrench finished the job. I really torqued the heck out of those screws when I put the new part in for fear it would come loose in an accident. Works great now. Best of luck.

Art In San Jose
Welcome. Ours is broken also, I believe, so thanks for the query And welcome.
Hi All, done this job common problem i think, drop the seats down to get access, from memory there is a plastic trim to remove 3 screws, then you get access to the bolt that holds it in place take it off and replace, make sure you get the position of the lock bar back it the right position with the mechanism form lowering the seats other wise it will lock in place or not. If it locks you will have to take it apart again to get to the machanism to make it work.Should take no longer than 45mins to do.
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