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Scotty saves the day!

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After Breaking the trigger on my shifter yesterday... Luckily in the driveway and not in line somewhere :shock:

I had to put one of those QUALITY :lol: after market shift knobs on to get by.

I contacted Scotty for a trigger, which he had, and to my surprise is just shipping it to me Gratis.

Scotty is the man and he cares about his customers and fellow Rover enthusiasts.
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There are bonus' to dealing with someone that has another form if income IMHO.
They will not try to nickel and dime you to death over the small stuff. :thumb:
And I agree, he is De Man :lol:

indeed...Scotty has not only helped me through some sticky situations, but gave me contacts and helped me make friends with the right information I desperately needed. Scotty is a great guy!
Oh stop it you guys, your embarrassing me..I'm gonna need Martin to take to work again on his big rig..Correction on his big rig..
I am leaving on Saturday mate....
Still having the misfire on the Heep though!!!! :think:

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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