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Low mileage on a 10 year old land rover scares me, wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot pole. At least one with mileage has had consistent heat cycling and maintenance. I bet you find within a year you have major issues with that thing. Good luck with it though.
Whoa, way to rain on the guys parade with all the doom and gloom. Low mileage certainly isn’t an indicator of good or bad maintenance... that’s entirely dependent on the previous owner.
I have a low mileage 2011 RRSC with 28K miles on it. The one previous owner of our RR made sure the vehicle had annual service done regardless of miles driven (Oil changes, brake flushes, tire rotations, etc).
As for thermal cycling, I am not really sure where you are going with this one. Generally speaking, more heat cycles means more wear, especially on under hood components. Now I would agree that if a car sits for months, this can be hard on the seals/gaskets as they can dry out from lack of exposure to fluids. Also sitting for long periods of time can cause moisture build up in oil, exhaust parts, and the like. This for sure can be problematic.
I’d generally lean towards a low mileage car with solid service records because of the significantly less wear and tear on the interior, paint work, suspension components, transmission, engine etc. Again, we are only talking about a 10yr old car here.... not a 30yr old classic whose seals and gaskets and rubber bits have all perished due to dry rot for sitting unused for years. With 30k miles in 10yrs the car was still driven pretty frequently.
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