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Saw this Rover. Curious about mods.

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So I took my stock 2012 Rover Sport to the Robesonia Spring Trials Event and after successfully completing the first course I realized my Rover was a little out of its element. Don't get me wrong. I think it could have handled most of it but I dropped out after the first run. I saw cars hitting trees, damaging transfer cases, etc. It's also our family car so I didn't want to risk it. But, I never took it off road and was curious to see what it could do. Had a blast.

I saw this Rover today and it is exactly what I would want. Mostly for off road events. No big deal if it gets damaged (well that depends on how much damage :)

I noticed ground clearance seemed to be the main issue with undercarriage damage of components. It looks like this Rover was lifted and, of course, has bigger off road tires.

Can someone tell me what mods may have been done to lift it and what type of shop does this kind of work on Rovers.


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That is a Classic and in no way related to your L322 as far as what is available or what can be done. It has off road bumpers, is lifted, has oversized all terrain tyres and rock sliders. The front set up is provided by ARB and looks like a Warn winch.

The L322 has limited off road accessories and most folks that have kitted their L322s have done so with full custom fabrication of parts. Lifts, smaller wheels and AT tyres are easy. Winch bumpers, rear off road bumpers and winch kits are few and far between for third party suppliers. I don;t think ARB has even developed L322 compliance bumpers due to the lack of interest or viable market.
You can get a Discreet front winch mount for the L322 from Island 4x4. Just type in DA7538 in their serch box and it should come up. It's about $500 and is on my "To Do" list for later this year.
‘No big deal if it gets damaged (well that depends on how much damage'

Great eye! I highly recommend test driving one – Range Rover Classics are fantastic!

Please note: the truck in your photos may be worth nearly as much as your RRS….. : ) The RRC’s are increasing in value.
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