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What likely happened was the Cross-Over Coolant Pipe that is located atop of the intake but underneath the supercharger bursts completely. It's a known design flaw on an otherwise strongly build engine. That is the first place I'd expect to find a coolant leak that isn't visible because it "cooks-off" when it's a smaller leak. Upon complete failure what happens is exactly what happened to you...

New engine, $40,000... Let that loser Dealership totally replace that engine. They lied to you several times so let them pay for their moral bankruptcy! Also request they pay the monthly note until they get it 100% back to you.
My guess is that they will not install a brand new engine but a used or rebuilt one. Make sure you confirm with them.

3 Posts
Hello all.
I purchased a used 2016 RR Sport with 50K miles back in April from a used dealership out of my regular area.
WHen I bought it, it had a tire pressure monitoring error light in addition to a low coolant light.
It also had a undercarriage rattle.

They took it to try to fix the error once, it came back to me and it was still all messed up.
I brought it to a local place for the rattle to get fixed, for them to install a brand new coolant sensor.
They never even gave me insight as to why it was saying low coolant. No visible leaks.

I had my friend fill coolant in car, did the whole coolant system seal with vacuum (he is mechanic).
It was okay for a week or so, but low coolant light still came on. Again, no visible leaks.

Finally, I had time to bring it back to the dealership where I bought it where the proceeded to analyze it for two weeks.

They called me and said it was ready to go, so I drove 2 hours to pick it up.

On my way home, coolant sprayed out of the car and engine seized.
Had it towed all the way back 100 miles.
Two weeks passed.
Told the dealership to drive it around themselves after they "fixed it".

Guess what? Engine seized up.
They say they're going to buy a new engine for the **** thing.
4-6 month wait on it.

I am so over it. I'm so ticked off and disappointed.
I have made 3 payments on my loan, spent $ on towing.
And I have driven it fully for less than a month.

Now I don't want the car. They can keep it.
Anyone else deal with something similar?

I still want a RR, but i'm having PTSD at this point.
I've always wanted a Range, I'm finally at a point in my life where I can afford one, but all these issues are making me have second thoughts. All my cars have always been very reliable up to now.
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