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S19B is out, here are the release notes:


Where the vehicle can support it the Smartphone pack will be permanently enabled for Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto or Baidu CarLife in China with this update, even when updated using SOTA

Climate functionality will now be fully supported when the ignition is on

On start-up media sources will now be remembered from last drive cycle
When playing a podcast a '+15' seconds and '-15' seconds will be displayed

Charging stations reachable with 1-4% of battery charge on arrival will now be displayed. Previously only charging stations reachable with 5% or more of battery charge on arrival would be displayed
Recharge on route now uses vehicle state of charge to plot charging points more accurately

Improved SOTA screens
New notification icon for SOTA Update Pending
With the WI-FI change below, SOTA will be available for all InControl Touch Pro Vehicles with this software

Systems that were previously unable to connect to Wi-Fi can now do so, this enables SOTA for these vehicles


General performance improvements
General stability improvements
The issue of no audio being available for a whole drive cycle seen in 19A is fixed in this update
Side Panel theme will no longer change when the date format is changed

The user should longer hear sporadic popping sounds coming from the speakers

Improved google maps navigation audio when playing media using Android Auto
When a phone is connected by Android Auto the phone will no longer show as a Bluetooth® source as well
Android Auto Icon will now always disappear after the phone is disconnected
Audio replies to questions to Android Auto will no longer sometimes be truncated
General improved stability
The Android phone header will now always be displayed with the Android Auto icon

Improved display of Apple CarPlay
General improved stability
When playing media from Apple CarPlay it will be displayed in the media view
The issue of the receiver of an outgoing call made using apple CarPlay sometimes not being able to hear the caller has been fixed

When system is set to French, messages will no longer be read out in English

(SDARS only) Messages received when skipping through SDARS channels will no longer be lost

Improved Baidu CarLife connectivity
General improved stability

Fixed the ambient lighting control screen sometimes not displaying correctly

(Chinese language only) Bluetooth® name will no longer change after switching media to RSE (RSE)
Issue sometimes preventing Bluetooth® Audio playing for a drive cycle has been fixed

Improved user experience when switching between playing media with Apple CarPlay and CD

Temperature settings and adjustments will be available in the climate landing screen
When the vehicle is in defrost mode the purify icon will be disabled as the function will not operate in defrost mode
Third Row Climate Controls will only be available when the engine is running are they will not work when it is not.
Temperature unit will no longer change from Celsius to Fahrenheit in Side Panel when system language changed to Portuguese
Temperature control on rear screens will now work even when all zones are set to high
(North American Vehicles only)Smart Climate incorrectly showing the front passenger seat occupancy status

Signal bars for vehicle connection strength will now display correctly
When a phone is connected, Wi-Fi will now automatically enable after a power cycle
Error message "Unable to connect (015)" has been replaced with the more appropriate 'Data limit reached. Add more mobile data to continue using (name of feature being used) and try again.'

Improved DAB reliability
(Head Up Display (HUD)vehicles only) Media information for DAB radio will now be displayed correctly in the HUD

(InControl touch pro Duo only) Interactive Display Module 'A' (IDMA) will now show AM not FM when AM
radio is playing

SDARS will now always launch first time
SDARS screen will now load correctly every time
The correct song will now always play when selected from the satellite radio play list General stability improvements

Improved DVD play back image when a display theme is selected
White patch in settings icon of Bluetooth® browse view settings icon in Dual view has been removed

Improved accuracy for ECO data when climate control is in ECO mode

Forward Traffic Detection alert will no longer stick on if the camera view is changed during an alert

Keys can now be switched to different existing profiles

'Live' will now launch from the 'Extra Feature's' screen every time
Issue of 'Live' sometimes not launching has been fixed
'Live' will no longer skip to the first page when opening a second one.
Issue of 'Live' applications sometimes only opening over part of the screen has been fixed

General improved stability
Improved handling of the track duration bar
Tracks will no longer sometimes automatically pause 3 seconds before the end.
Correct graphic will now be shown in the background of the IPC (IPC) media panel
The issue stopping a podcast resuming after receiving then finishing a call has been fixed

Improved stability when resuming a route
Improved accuracy of voice guidance
Improved accuracy of safety cameras
Empty pop up screens will no longer be displayed
Improved "Send to Driver" from Rear screens experience
Improved map display when traffic side panel displayed
The map displayed in the IPC will now always match the map in the touchscreen
Improved reliability of address summary screen when the city selected is not unique
Improved route calculation
General improved reliability
(Japan vehicles only)Rear screens will no longer display the Navigation icon as it cannot be used
Improved Traffic Info stability
When the map license is extended, the status will update immediately
Navigation will no longer reset after switching the IPC to full map view.
Improved charge station searching

Issue of missing parking aid beeps has been fixed
When in reverse, the Parking aid 360 pop up will now work when selected

Rear screens will no longer activate when opening the front console panel
Time displayed on the rear screen will now match the front Touchscreen
"SIRIUS XM" button is now functional in "All Settings" in RSE
Smother operation of climate on the rear screen when using the remote control
(Rear Massage seat vehicles only) Massage location now called upper back and lower back on the rear screens to align with the front screen

Passenger seat icon now correctly displayed after favorite seat settings are selected
Climate buttons will no longer be lost if the seat screen in opened multiple times in the same ignition cycle
The buttons for the seat massage for lower back and back are no longer swapped

Improved graphics of Speech tutorial Improved speech 'Call Contact' reliability

Television reception will now recover automatically after leaving a low reception area Television will now only show 'No reception' when there is really no reception
(Brazil Vehicles only) Touchscreen will no longer show a blank screen after Brazil Television runs for around 2 minutes 30 seconds and rear screen will no longer show "No reception" message

This update will make sure comfort program is highlighted when selected
This update will stop Terrain Response mode from blinking after being selected Terrain Response mode will be displayed in the correct language (not just English)

Text to Speech will now behave correctly if it is played, then stopped, then played again

Timed climate will now use the same icon in both the menus it can be launched from

Improved Translations for all languages

Improved phone reconnection reliability went exiting Valet Mode

Improved graphics on wade sensing screen when on a hill

A horizontal scroll bar is now displayed when a web page has been zoomed into General speed and reliability improvements


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By far the majority of bugs mentioned in the release notes were completely unknown to me, I never experienced most of them.

What I can say so far:

1) It still takes forever until the system is completely up. However, they changed the starting order (again), so eg. phone shortcuts (contacts) appear almost immediately after the main menu appears. Navigation seems to be one of the last processes started, so entering nav data still requires a lot of patience.
2) My biggest concern was a lag and judder in the camera images. This seems improved, although I haven't had the chance to check in detail. Over in some jag forums people say that the lag/judder is fixed.
3) One other concern of mine specifically was that the nav unit is always around half a second behind. When you pass a "security cam" at, say, 80 kph, the nav still thinks it's 20 to 30m away. Also, in 2D view, the marker is noticeably not exactly at the correct position at the correct time. This is entirely unchanged (despite the release notes stating something about improved accuracy) in my case.

No anomalies detected after two days of using it.

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SOTA (after a call to the dealer, who still needs to individually ok it - without that the car wouldn't see the update).

Update is 77MB IIRC.

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Reverse camera is still lagging, by approx .3 of a second. Judder (which is worse than a lag IMHO) seems gone.

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I guess because the dealer is seen as a kind of "administrator" for vehicles sold by him, and he is the one responsible for servicing those vehicles, and part of servicing is enabling individual software updates.

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The last SOTA update for 19A showed up on my touch panel and all I had to do was accept. Why would this update be any different? Had you updated OTA previously?

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Yes, no, MY2019.
My only non-SOTA ICTP update was from 18D to 19A (and a telematics update and some other unspecified updates of various controller modules), because SOTA wasn't available back in March when this was done. Since then, SOTA only (19A2, 19A3, 19A4, 19B) for ICTP updates, and in each and every case upon request from me, either by email or by phone.
If your car shows "update available" without a prior call to the dealer, the dealer - for whatever reason - took it on himself to enable it for your specific car. Mine doesn't, and I think most of them won't do. 99% of people won't notice and won't care. Even in some jaguar and land rover forums people complain about problems with their cars that are clearly software-related and when asked what version they're on they either don't know or say 18C or even older. If I were a dealer, I wouldn't do anything without a specific request, otherwise you'd get drowned in support questions.

So, long story short: If your car does not show the 19B update as available, give your dealer a call. If they refuse (which is written JLR policy), name just one defect (eg carplay problems), then it is suddenly a warranty issue, and they will enable the update. My dealer, after four or so updates, knows me and spares me that second step.

PS: While you are at it, question the dealer about the N356 campaign. This came out on Sep 13, and has something to do with some "Auxiliary Coolant Pump Not Active", eventually leading to a shortened life of the turbo charger(s). Unfortunately, I don't know the engine types or VIN range this applies to (but I guess if the engine has no turbo chargers, it's in the clear...). My P400e was affected, and the fix was an update of the CCF (Car Configuration File). Not via SOTA, unfortunately. Had to get the car to the dealer, took about one hour.

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I really appreciate you detailing your experience, information on this topic is always helpful.
I was able to upgrade the last SOTA update 19A4; Version S19_19.24.2-375.121 after it popped up on my InControl Touch panel that an upgrade was available without any dealer contact. I will check my SVR tonight and report back if it is indeed available or not. 🤞

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Further to the people having a dealer who isn't as cooperative - check to see if your vehicle is due for the N347 campaign. It's popping up for a lot of vehicles and would warrant a visit to the dealer - it's a full campaign so I believe they have to install it.


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I'm confused with N347 SOTA Bulleting (which I just read via michaeltw's link). I ask because my car is at the dealer now for a myriad of infotainment issues. Is the bulletin for cars that do not have SOTA installed? Or, is it to update SOTA? My car is on 19A (I think 19A2 but not sure) software version with SOTA activated, but when updates became available I was never able to update over the air. I always got software up to date notices.

If some can explain N347 further I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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I took my vehicle in for the N347 campaign on Thursday and they updated the software from 18D to 19B. Said that they are making the push to migrate update responsibilities to the owner through SOTA going forward, and part of the servicing they provided was to enable this in my vehicle so I am not dependent on them. I can imagine the cost savings that this will provide JLR by doing so.

I need to play with the software more before I can confirm how stable it is, but is seems to be faster and snappier than my prior version. If others have any experience with 19B please post your observations.

Dealer also said that they check the Pathfinder system daily and update their tool with whatever software and telematics versions that JLR puts out there. Seems like certain dealers are either more or less current with their tools, which might explain why different owners are receiving different software versions when taking their vehicles into different dealers.
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