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Running fine and it just stopped

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I swear I posted this last night....anyway here we go again.

I had just finished installing my repaired radiator on my 1993 Range Rover LWB. The battery was dead so I put the trickle charger on her. The next day I went out and started her and let her idle. After a 15 minutes or so, I decided to take her for a test drive.

Everything was fine. Ran like I would expect her to. As I came home I guided her around one of the traffic calming devices and as I came out she died. No sputter just dead.

I got out and started looking for problems.

I have spark.
I tested the coil and have a nice strong spark.
I tested the distributor and have spark to the plugs.

I have fuel.
I pulled one of the lines on the fuel rail and have fuel there.

I have air.
I pulled the MAF from the air filter just to make sure I hadn't sucked a rag in the air filter.

I checked all my connectors and reseated them.
On the coil.
On the MAF.
On the temperature coolant sensor.

The last time I drove her I got an Error 17 (throttle position sensor). She still ran and I drove her once more after getting that initial code.

At this point though, she will crank but will not start.

Could the Throttle Position Sensor cause that? I thought I read that on a forum somewhere over the years.

How do I test the Throttle Position Sensor?
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If the gas doesn't solve it, check your ignition keyswitch? As the switch gets older I've seen the run position (contacts) be subject intermittant failure. It's pretty obvious what's going on when it happens cause the car will fire when keyed in the start position but as soon as you let it twist back to run, it dies.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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