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Hey everyone,
Firstly I don't know what I'd do without this forum. All the info everyone supplies and the solutions is great. A big thank you to everyone.
I have a 2005 RRSport and I am a mechanic also, but on the factory stereo I've found a little something.
Firstly turn stereo off then on with the left hand circle power button.

Second hold down the right circle button ENTER for 10 seconds
You'll see a VIN menu where you can adjust stereo volume when you switch the car on in one of the menus, press the number 4 to achieve the volume from 1-9.
You'll also see AV audio booster again 1-9 for softer or louder.

Third hold the right ENTER button again for 10seconds and a different menu appears, this one has onboard engine temps, digital speedo, and other menus to flick through using the ENTER button by twisting it left to right.
You'll come to a menu saying DTC which is diagnostic trouble code FAULTS. Look up the fault number and you know what's wrong with your Range Rover Sport.
Not sure about other models though. Hope this helps and is a lot cheaper than the OSB.
Cheers everyone. 

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The AVC setting is for volume increase based on road speed, it does not change output, just increases volume to offset road noise, the higher the setting, the greater the increase.

There is no engine temperature display, just MOST Fiber Optical Temp.

The fault codes displayed here are only applicable to the Infotainment system.
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