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RRS tires for towing

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I'm a new RRS owner(6mo) and I've been watching some of the posts about tires on here and I'd like some recommendations/ ideas on tires for my 09 RRS. I will be doing alot of towing of my horse trailer with my RR and I do NOT want to get embarrassed at a show when my "truck" can't get the horse trailer out of the grass or mud. I came over from 3 H2's with real tires that could go anywhere and I'm totally frustrated with the stock tires on the RR. I get stuck in grass and mud all the time, not to mention the snow which is GONE finally. It was definitely the wrong winter to own a RRS!! If I can't find something I may have to buy a truck and give this to my wife to get groceries in /:( Thanks for the input!!
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Search for Cooper LTZ threads...decide which size...problem solved.
:lol: Never seen someone who does "a lot of towing of my horse trailer" that didn't own a full size diesel. The RRS is not a dedicated tow vehicle; sure you can use it, but there are plenty of better solutions out there.

1. Get the truck.
2. Get the coopers for the RRS
3. Summer tires don't do well in the winter. Snow tires.
Maybe its a miniature horse?
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Priceless Pic...is that a quarter of a quarter horse?
goose is on point today.
I run Nokian WR G2s (275/40/20) on my 08 RRSSC 24/7 , and I go on the white mountain logging trails in NH , and all over Cape Cod beaches without any issues.

I keep a spare rim and tire incase I blow one out....

Firstly look at replacement rubber with an "XL" (Extra Load) rating which is suitable for towing duties at relevant tyre pressures.
The load rating numerical reference should be stamped on your OEM tyres which also should not be compromised with a lower !

You may be better off getting 20" rims and tyres suitable to your conditions, as the selection of 20 inch hoops is much better ?

I'm back from the Solomon Islands boys.


'88 Highline
Perth, W.A.
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Thank you for the helpful responses. OK, now is where I need some help. I've never dealt with this and I'm unsure how to proceed.
I'm interested in doing the Cooper LTZ's but there is no size to replace what comes stock 255/50/19. If I go to the 20" rims what size tire do I get??? Will my speedo be off dramatically?? Will the MPG go south?? The spacer thing, rubbing etc escapes me and there's no one around here to help. PLEASE provide me a cook book approach to this. Remember I'm a dummy that bought a RRS to tow with...DUH! Help this SLOW guy out.
Tire size for a 20" rim is 275/40/20. Rim width is 9.5". If you go with Redbourne wheels, they are made for Range Rovers....so all will work without any hassles.
Man Im out here in France and saw just the other day a guy pulling a horse trailer with an Audi A6.. I think you shouldnt have any problem with your RRS :thumb:

Ill post some pics of it once I can upload my pics.
Tire size for a 20" rim is 275/40/20. Rim width is 9.5". If you go with Redbourne wheels, they are made for Range Rovers....so all will work without any hassles.

Going off memory here...so maybe slightly outdated info, but easily enough for you to check on Discount Tire or Tire rack.

In the Cooper Zeon LTZ, the best size to get is 275/45/20, or upgrade to 285/50/20...this will have a slight chance of rubbing under severe compression...

The 45 series tire doesn't modify the MPH materially at all, and still allows for aggressive cornering, BUT gives you the grip you need.
Priceless Pic...is that a quarter of a quarter horse?
Yes, a 1/16 horse.

As Paul said and others have proved on here, 285's will fit, but if you're gonna be picking up some mud to take home with you, I'd rather have the clearance of the 275's, JMO.

Also, if you're a real rebel and have stock brakes you can roll on 18's.

Btw, welcome back from the jungle Vinni!
Theres the pic I was talking about :p



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