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RRS Tailgate Issues

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Hi! Excited to be a member. I've got a 2012 RRS Lux, and having liftgate issues. The "open" buttons will all unlatch the lock, and the liftgate opens six inches and stops. It's like it's running into an obstacle, but nothing is there. I thought is was a new open height had been programmed, but when manually lifted open, the close button does nothing, and when held in, doesn't reset or beep. When manually lowered, the gate will relatch as normal.

Any ideas? I tried the "reset" I read about online, and disconnected the battery and then connected the two terminal wires, but that didn't work. I think I'm going to have to take it in and pay the $150 just to have it looked at... could be an actuator or solenoid...

Would love help.
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I’m not an expert but sounds like the strut is worn out. Are you planning to take it to the dealer or a LR specialist? I used to go to the dealership for everything but have found a few LR specialist and they are much cheaper and will give you options for parts and repairs vs the dealership which charges an arm and a leg for their parts. I’ll go with the dealer parts in some instances but for something like the strut on your lift gate, if that needs to be replaced, I wouldn’t pay dealer part/prices.
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