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RRS reminds me a little of an AMC

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So my ride was on the rack Monday and I look at the shocks and they say DELPHI :shock: (formely GM till they spun 'em off to go chap. 11 pr 13).
Under the hood last night and some sensor between the airfilter and engine says FoMoCo :idea: , not even Visteon!
The engine is a Jaguar :D ! The tranny is a ZF :D ! I'm sure there are BMW pieces too.

Is all this a hodgepodge of impending doom or is it the best of the best to make one fine, reliable automobile??? Good thing is runs better than that '79 Concord I had in college, at least so far!!!
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I always thought of these RRS' as parts bin cars. Of course that's a severe overstatement, but it's got LR parts, Ford parts and Jag parts in it.
As long as you don't find a part stamped "Renault" on it, I think we'll be fine.
Is that pronounced Ray Know (1980's) or Re nalt (1960's) ? Both Bad.
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