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Hello, I am thinking about getting a new RRS in Spain when we move there this summer. Have not previously lived in Spain and so doing some research.

I read on the web that automobiles in Spain don't depreciate as rapidly as they do in some other places, especially here in North America.

Can anyone give me information about real world depreciation of a RRS (Diesel, not petrol) in Spain?

In general would you expect a BMW X5 or a Mercedes ML 350 or an Audi to depreciate at about the same rate, over a period of say three years, or would some of these brands hold their value more or less compared to the others?

Does anybody have a link to something like the Kelley's Blue book ( Black book in Canada) giving likely values for used cars in Spain?

Any RRS owners on this forum from Spain who might have other advice for me?

Thanks for any help.

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Try hopping on http://www.rrsport.co.uk/forum/

They have some active RRS members in Spain who could give you real world data...

Sounds like a fun upcoming expat assignment....I bet you can't wait for the queso manchego y chorizo...hhmmm....tasty.

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