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Does anyone know why RRS Autobiography does not seem to be sold in the US? LR USA web site lists Autobiography option for FFRR, but not for RRS. I looked at the pictures and loved the two-tone interior, as well as the body kit (especially the grille).

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AFAIK, 2010 is the first model year in which an Autobiography version of the RRS will be offered for sale, only on the UK market and in very limited production (500 or so?) Until now, the Autobiography treatment had always been reserved to Land Rover's flagship. I think this may be a test to see how well the program is received domestically, and if UK consumer line up for one you can bet that we will get an Autobiography personalization option here in the US as well eventually... To be honest, when I saw exterior pictures of the 2010 Autobiography RRS, the body kit reminded me of an attempt at an "HST 2.0" (although some of the two tone interiors are gorgeous), so I wasn't too impressed or jealous of the UK customer who may get one. :wink:

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Here is the info for the U.S. specification:

Subject: 2010 Range Rover Sport Autobiography Limited Edition Product and
Pricing Summary
We are pleased to announce the introduction of 2010 Range Rover Sport Autobiography Limited Edition
specifications. This bulletin outlines the new Range Rover Sport Autobiography Limited Edition product details
and includes pricing.
2010MY Range Rover Sport Autobiography Product and Pricing Summary
Summary of product introduction for the 2010MY Range Rover Sport Autobiography Limited Edition:
o Limited number (250 units) of 2010MY Range Rover Sport Autobiography vehicles produced
o Each retailer will be allocated at least one vehicle
o 5.0-liter Supercharged LR-V8 Engine / 510 horsepower / 461 lb-ft torque
o Santorini Black exterior color
o Rear Seat Entertainment
o Adaptive Cruise Control
o Electronic Rear Differential Lock
o HD Digital Radio
o Exclusive Autobiography exterior features:
• Revised 2010MY bodykit including:
o New front bumper with titan lower cross bar
o New rear bumper with titan lower cross bar
o Body color lower door moldings
o New quadrangle exhaust extensions
o New tailgate spoiler
• Unique 20" 10-spoke diamond turned Autobiography wheel, see page 2
• Unique front and side grill mesh
o New Autobiography Sport interior features including:
• Extended leather package
• Unique premium duo-tone seat leather (Ebony/Tan, Ebony/Ivory, Ebony/Pimento) with
contrast stitch, see page 4 for the three interior color choices
• "Autobiography Sport" embossed front and rear headrests
• "Autobiography Sport" notation on each door wood insert
• Autobiography Sport tailgate badge

The Autobiography is a $14350 option plus $800 for the surround Camera System option.
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