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Hello everybody!

I´m new here and hope that someone please can help me.
I have some strange electrical failure while driving and the problem now increasing.

The first times, a click (probably a relay switch on/off) was heard somewhere around the passenger side and at the same time, the headlights quickly flashed off/on. A second later, the light for failure in "adaptive front lighting system" (AFS) began to flash. When the car was restarted, everything was normal.

Now things has gotten worse. The last times it happened it´s start whit the same, but now it´s a really fast clicking (like a relay that switches on and off quickly) for about 2 seconds from the passenger side, then all the lights, stereo, NAV screen, climate panel etc. shut down. Just as if the ignition was turned off, but the engine continues to run. After about 5 seconds everything starts to come back, more or less all lamps illuminate in the instrument panel, a couple of alarms on handbrake failure and so one turn up in the display. The NAV screen comes back but is very sluggish, it takes about 30 seconds from pressing something on the screen until something actually happens. When restarting the car everything is back to normal.

Can someone please help me!
I have read out the codes but it not give much information.
Range Rover Sport TDV8 2010
Attach the codes bellow:

U0166-00 ACM 181,061km Lost communication with auxiliary heater control module

U2100-00 RFA 181,062km J_14229_DTC_U2100

U0415-00 HCMB 181,062km Invalid data received from ABS control module

B1D64-87 HCM 181,062km Left headlamp swiveling motor circuit

B1D65-87 HCM 181,062km Right headlamp swiveling motor circuit

Any ideas?
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