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Hi i just finished complet timing chain job with OEM Parts from Land Rover Stealership , at the same time remachined both head and did the head gasket to, so new plugs, new injector seals, valve cover, oil cooler, supercharged gaskets, new belts and tensionner, alternator, water pump , all new updated for the termosthat lines, new coolant ... So the codes im getting are

P0026-72 : Intake valve control solenoid, circuit range performance bank 1 ( temporary )
P0028-72 : Intake valve control solenoid, circuit range performance bank 2 ( temporary )
P0088-00: Fuel rail\ system presure to high ( intermittent )

Any idea? Car was been sitting for 5 years , no start , no driving since then, im wondering if it can be related to the fuel pump in the tank? Gas fuel not working on the cluster , its say low in gas but there is gas in the tank...Or its both High Pressure Fuel Pump are the problem?...when i crank the car it start and stop right away, after 3-4 times it keep the idle..and when its warm no problem. But several missfire at the first attempt..
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