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RRS 2010 Nav System Language Settings

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Just picked up a RRS 2010 last week. Been spending a joyous weekend reading through the material on how to configure the vehicle, though the dealer (Hornburg in LA) did a wonderful job briefing me on all the specifics. I have run across what may be a small bug in the navigation system software setup and am wondering if anyone else in the U.S. has experienced this. When one first sets up navigation preferences, one can select between English (UK) and English (US)... I know, I know... there is only one true English :)

I make my selection as English (US) and it accepts. However, whenever I shut off the vehicle, it reverts back to English (UK).

Is this a known bug with the software? Is there a fix available? I have reached out to the dealer and am awaiting a response but thought a posting here might yield good insights as well.

Many thanks!
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Yes, it's one of the many documented, small electronic annoyances affecting MY2010s. There is already a TSB out for this, # LTB000240, so your dealer will know what to do. Basically they will upload a patch and several calibration files into the front entertainment control module to update its software and resolve the change to UK English language problem.

Welcome to the forum and congratulations.
umbertob, thank-your for response and kind welcome. I am looking forward to enjoying the vehicle.
Great! Thanks so much for the help!
PS: The above referenced TSB has mysteriously been withdrawn by LRNA on 1/4/10. :?:
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